WS-853 Статуэтка Ангел-хранитель (Л.Уильямс)


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WS-853 Статуэтка Ангел-хранитель (Л.Уильямс)

YouTube TV - No long term contract Loading.. The future of live TV with 60+ channels. No cable box required. Cancel anytime. Working.. No thanks Try it free. Find out why Close. WS-853 / WS-852.. The WS-853 and WS-852 combine enhanced recording capabilities with the new True-Stereo Mic, which positions two directional microphones at a 90-degree layout to capture a realistic stereo feeling that can spatially discern the position of the speaker in meetings and conferences. The new Intelligent Auto Mode function makes it easier than ever to capture clear recordings by automatically adapting the microphone’s sensitivity according to the recording environment and the volume of the speaker. AUSFÜHRLICHE BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG DIGITAL VOICE REKORDER Vielen Dank für das Vertrauen in Olympus-Produkte, das Sie uns mit dem Kauf des Digital Voice Rekorder erwiesen haben. Änderungen in Technik und Design seitens des Herstellers jederzeit möglich WS‑853 Schwarz • 8 GB Speicher plus microSD Kartenfach • Herausschiebbarer USB- Mit Stereo-Aufnahme in höchster Qualität und intelligenten Funktionen empfiehlt sich der digitale Recorder WS-853 als souveräner Business-Partner. Besonders die Funktion Rauschunterdrückung..

Olympus WS-853 Dikitiergerät 8 GB Speicher, USB-Anschluss.. WS-853 Статуэтка Ангел-хранитель (Л.Уильямс)

Furthermore, WS-853 is equipped with a protective cover to keep dust out of the connectors. The built-in stand prevents surface vibration The built in stand placed on the back of the body is carefully designed to reduce the noise from the surface when the recorder is placed on a table.

WS‑853 - Diktiergeräte; Stereo-Recorder - Audiosysteme..

Olympus WS-853 Audio Recorder | Olympus WS-853 Статуэтка Ангел-хранитель (Л.Уильямс)

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